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Master project on maintenance of myCBR knowledge models started

Estiak Bulbul, studying towards a masters degree in Intelligent Computing Systems at UWL, took on the task to design and develop a maintenance perspective for myCBR Workbench that allows to run quality assessments of the similarity measures and the case base. Maintenance of any kind performed on a system is a consequence of the fact that systems (or components) deteriorate or fail. The main idea to solve the maintenance problem of CBR systems is to employ a control loop that observes its performance and counteracts any change that is not desired. To realise the control loop, the most widely used CBR process model of Aamodt and Plaza has been enhanced with two more steps: Review and Restore. During Review the quality of the CBR system is assessed. If necessary the Restore step repairs the CBR system to get back to a desired level of quality. Estiak is looking into maintaining specifically the knowledge of product recommender systems.

The master project is co-supervised by Thomas Roth-Berghofer and David C. Wilson,  who is currently visiting researcher at UWL. Both worked on the topic of maintenance in case-based reasoning and now look into updating their results since their phd research.